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Furniture from Barn Wood

Barn Wood TV Stand
First furniture project. Giant TV stand for our home.

First Projects

We started our wood working after Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was very destructive to the Coastal Bend, and our home was not missed. Therefore, we ended doing most of the work ourselves, which took a lot of new tools. Definitely cheaper than paying a contractor, though.

The bright side of having to rebuild is a whole garage of new tools, and a family who loves to make things. Plus, with all the fences that were blown down in the area, we had a huge stack of old fence wood. It looks just like barn wood, but didn’t have to tear down a beautiful old barn to get it. This is how our furniture from barn wood venture began.

Family Furniture Projects

Alexander’s complete furniture from barn wood project in progress, and finished, is pictured below. (Please excuse the mess)


Barn-wood TV Stand

As you can see we have had a lot of fun making barn wood furniture. We have a current listing in the Shop. That is pictured below.

Furniture From Barn Wood

We expanded on our barn-wood projects, and since it’s in our son’s room, I will share the project here.

This is Ki, my sons Bearded Dragon.

Ki on the upper deck.

Ki is a very large compared to his other lizard (leopard gecko) , and needed a large home. Alexander and I, made him a barn wood home.

This was a fun project, and Ki loves his ramp to the upper deck.

We are going to offer custom Lizard Homes on Hanks Wood Creations in the future, so be sure to sign up for our news letter, so you’ll be the first, In the Know.


The Hanks Family

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