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Wood Wall Art Designs – Flowers

wood wall art designs flowers

Bumble Bee with Flowers is a simple design off the Internet using the search for free flower images. The image is V carved in a pine 1 x 6 board, using the BobsCNC machine, with F-Engrave.

Wood Wall Art Designs

When making wood wall art, we have found just about any picture can be used to create an artistic picture. However, most pictures have to be touched up with software, or by hand, to get the full graphic to read through F-Engrave. We will get into more details on setup, and procedures in other posts.

This post is all about wood wall art designs, and the beauty that wood with some creativity, and color, can bring to any room, in your home.

Samples of Flowers in Wood Wall Art

Flowers Wood Wall Art Designs

Hummingbird and Flower is set beautifully on a light pine board. The wood grain is the perfect backdrop for the colorful flower, and blue humming bird, while using a bit of gold leaf to to bring out the magical blessings a hummingbird, seems to represent.

This picture was done with V carve, so engraved for longevity, into the wood. Then hand painted to give the image richness, and a uniqueness, for wood wall art design.

Special and Unique Pieces

Although, the humming bird and flower, or bee and flower, can be engraved over and over again. No two images will ever be exactly alike. This is what makes wood wall art designs so special. Each image is a on a unique, and different piece of wood. Plus, whereas the colors are set by human hand, for us anyway, no two will ever be exactly alike.

I have seen handmade items that look exactly a like and wonder, “how do they do that?”. The more we work with wood, and painting, honestly, the more we wonder. Do you think there are people out there that can do the exact same brush strokes every time? Probably, but I think it is pretty rare.

rose comparisonrose comparison

The two rose images shown here, are case in point. Both roses are the exact same image file.

The image on the left is cut using a small V-bit at a shallow depth. The image on the right is cut with a very large V-bit at the same depth.

The difference is in the bit, but may also be in the starting point of the cut. This could be human error, or preference depending on how you look at it.

For us, it is trial and error in the ongoing learning process of producing beautiful pieces of wood wall art design. Furthermore, because of the depth of the larger bit, the stem on the right is more wobbly, but the flower has greater depth, so deciding which piece is preferable is an individual preference, as with all art.

Into the Future

In the future, we will share more intricate patterns, in specialty categories. This is a sample of simple flowers in wood wall art design, and we will share more images, as we go along. I hope you enjoyed seeing the difference small changes can make with the same image, and look forward to sharing so much more with you in the future.

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